CRQ Whiskeytown Challenge

We will host an ultra-endurance event at Whiskeytown Lake National Park in Shasta County, California. The 2023 race will be a mileage challenge with options for racers at all levels. Whiskeytown Lake, just a few miles west of the Sundial Bridge that marks the start of our usual event, is a gem of Northern California and one of the most amazing places you have never been.  It is a large lake with beautiful clear waters, amazing shores, and numerous islands.  It has all the beauty of the Sacramento River, but in a closed course, making it an ideal location for a high-mileage event. Although this year’s CRQ will not be held on a river, the conditions on the lake are variable and provide plenty of challenge, with conditions varying from calm and cool in the morning to choppy and rough in the heat of the mid-day sun.  This venue also affords the ability to run the race through the night, adding a whole new dimension to the event.

This format of this year’s race will be a series of mileage challenges. There is no set course; racers are free to develop their own strategy and use the conditions to their advantage.  Do downwinders all day, or hide in the wind shadows and log miles.  Each paddler’s mileage will be continuously recorded by GPS and presented to the race officials at the completion of the event.

The race check-in area will be staffed and will operate throughout the day; family and friends are welcome to hang out with us and enjoy the event. We will have a beach party celebration/brunch mid-morning the following day.

100-Mile Challenge

24 hours to paddle 100 miles
The 100-Mile Challenge will start at dawn and conclude at sunrise the following day. Paddlers on the 100-Mile Challenge will have to paddle through the night, adding another layer of psychological challenge. This is a serious challenge and will push anyone’s limits.

50-Mile Challenge and 25-Mile Challenge

12 hours to paddle 50 miles
8 hours to paddle 25 miles

The formats will be similar, but the 50 and 25-mile events will only run during daylight hours.


Campsites are also aplenty at Whiskeytown Lake. Please sign up for our updates, and we will get you more information about camping soon.